Every year on my birthday, I celebrate by sharing with you a stack of fantasy books that are either free, 99c/p, or free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Happy reading!

Free with Your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Vision of the Moon (Shadowed World Saga Book 1) by [Catharine Glen]
Bright of the Moon (Dark-Elves of Nightbloom Book 2) by [Miranda Honfleur]Daughter of No Worlds (The War of Lost Hearts Book 1) by [Carissa Broadbent]Children of Fallen Gods (The War of Lost Hearts Book 2) by [Carissa Broadbent]
The Thief's Gambit (The Prince & the Thief) by [Clare Sager]Enemy Known (Tue-Rah Chronicles Book 2) by [J.M. Butler]
Princess Reviled (Tue-Rah Chronicles Book 3) by [J.M. Butler]Wilderness Untamed (Tue-Rah Chronicles Book 4) by [J.M. Butler]Beneath Black Sails by [Clare Sager]
Stolen Threadwitch Bride by [Clare Sager]A Lair of Bones (Curse of the Cyren Queen Book 1) by [Helen Scheuerer]Land of Perpetual Night: An Empire of Ash novel by [Miri C. Golden]
Midwinter Tales of the Gemstone Courts: A Fae Romance Anthology by [EM Howell, Lisa Kumar, Tina Marte, BK Rae, Heather Carter, Jaycee Jarvis, MK Lorber, Mandi Richards, Wren Murphy]The Flame and The Blade (Flame and Blade Book 1) by [Meredith Hart]
The Cup and the Prince (Kingdom of Curses and Shadows Book 1) by [Day Leitao]In Solitude's Shadow: Empire of Ruin Book One by [David  Green, Eerie River Publishing]A Voice That Thunders (Voice that Thunders #1) by [Cully Mack]
The Mercenary and the Mage: The Complete Series by [Selina R. Gonzalez]The Lightning Conjurer: The Complete Series Collection by [Rachel Rener]Little Fire: A Fantasy Romance (Warriors of the Five Realms Book 1) by [Hollee Mands]
The Archmage: Book One | Mages Of Might Series by [Emily L K]The Iron Crown (Dragon Spirits Book 1) by [L.L. MacRae]
The Game of War: The Trials of Dantess, Warrior Priest (The Chronicles of Chaos) by [Glen Dahlgren]Knight's Rebirth: A fairytale fantasy by [Sarah Ashwood]Changing Tides: The Sirenia Chronicles by [Kristen Braddock]
I SHALL RETURN WITH WINTER by [CF WELBURN]HUNTRESS PREY: A New Adult Urban Fantasy Thriller Romance (Bonded by Blood and Magic 1) by [Selene Kallan]The Harvest - A Mermaid Fantasy: Call of the Sirens Book One by [KB Benson]
Emma's Story by [Nils Odlund]Farra and the Hooded Hunter (Resilient Heart Book 1) by [Taylor Lee]Revised October 2018 THIS ONE.jpg
Night Warrior by [Jordan J. Scavone]The Outworlder by [Natalie J. Holden]Gatekeeper: Planetary Colonization meets Elemental Fantasy (The Berikatanyan Chronicles Book 1) by [John Beresford]
A Tooth Fairy's Promise (Osseous Book 1) by [Michael J Adams]


Enemy Known (Tue-Rah Chronicles Book 2) by [J.M. Butler]Princess Reviled (Tue-Rah Chronicles Book 3) by [J.M. Butler]
Dreg (The Dreg Trilogy Book 1) by [Bethany Hoeflich]Velvet: A Steamy Medieval Fantasy Romance (The Princess & The Spy Book 1) by [Lisette Marshall]Prophecy of Convergence (Oracle's Path Book 1) by [Shannon Pemrick]
Stolen Threadwitch Bride by [Clare Sager]Battles of Salt and Sighs (Rise of the Death Fae Book 1) by [Val Saintcrowe]Wither Thorn (The Crest of Blackthorn Book 1) by [Joy Lewis]
The Curse of the Arcadian Stone: Vol. 1 Stolen Oath (Nameless Fay) by [S. R. Breaker, S. Breaker]Spell Struck (Merry Magic Book 1) by [Shelley Russell  Nolan]Find the Storm: Thousand Year War, Book 1 by [Michelle Dawn]
The Lost Ancients- Books 1-3: Collection of the first three books in The Lost Ancients series by [Marie Andreas]Heir to the Crown Box Set 1: Books: 1, 2, & 2.5 by [Paul J Bennett]RISE: The Complete Trilogy: An epic fantasy romance boxset by [J.M. Kearl]
Crownkeeper by [Anne Wheeler]From the Ashes: Book One of the In Blood and Fire Series by [Kristina Gruell]
Price of the Crown: Book 1 (The Baronies of Corinth: Price of the Crown) by [Thomas Webb]Breath of Magic: 1st Book of the Five Kingdoms of Fae by [Trisha Lynn]Dark Emerald: A Manifested Novel (The Manifested series Book 1) by [T.L. Thorne]
A Donkey, A Stablehand And An Empire (Three Crowns Book 1) by [David Heyman]Call of Titan: A Fantasy Adventure (Priest of Titan Book 1) by [Paul Mouchet]Riders of Fire Books 1-3: Ezaara, Dragon Hero, Dragon Rift (Riders of Fire Collections Book 1) by [Eileen Mueller]
The Heart of the Kella: A Sacred Tale by [M.C. Beeler]Dragon Blood by [Katie Cherry]Curse Breaker: Enchanted: An Epic Fantasy Adventure by [Melinda Kucsera]

AND this Black Friday Weekend, Several Books* in the Stolen Brides of the Fae Series are just 99c (and they’re all FREE in Kindle Unlimited):

Get them all here.

(*In the original version of this page, I said all will be 99c. Apologies for the misunderstanding on my part – we haven’t been able to get all of them 99c, but a number of them will be!)


Winter Wren, Miranda HonfleurSong of Shadows, Sylvia Mercedes
Beneath Black Sails by [Clare Sager]Book Cover
Crimson Mage (Empire of the Lotus Book 1) by [Dorothy Dreyer]Soulbound, Bethany Adams
Semester Aboard: An Urban Fantasy Adventure (More than Magic Book 1) by [Elizabeth Kirke]The Dark Realm: A Gamelit Adventure (Feyland Book 1) by [Anthea Sharp]Book Cover
Fey Touched by [Erin Zarro]Trial by Sorcery: Dragon Riders of Osnen Book 1 by [Richard Fierce]
Og-Grim-Dog: The Three-Headed Ogre: A Humorous Fantasy Adventure (Me Three Book 1) by [Jamie Edmundson]The Green Princess Trilogy: Flower: Book 1 by [H. L. Burke]

Note: these were all free/in KU/99c at the time of adding, but price can change any time. If you spot an ebook here that isn’t the price advertised, please drop me a line! 🙂