Reviews are vital for a book’s success.

And getting reviews early in a book’s life is even more critical. Publishers have known about this for years, which is why they send copies of new books out to reviewers ahead of release, called ARCs. Those reviews can then be posted on the day of release (or even earlier).

So us indie authors have Advance Teams and here’s your chance to join mine and get copies of my books ahead of release.


* Advance Team members receive advanced review copies of my ebooks ahead of release at no charge.
* When the book goes on Amazon/Goodreads, etc, I’ll send you a link and ask you to leave a quick, honest review if you’ve finished reading the book.

Of course, life happens and I understand that, so if you’re unable to read the book ahead of release or write a review, that’s fine!

Some advance readers might pick up errors or suggest changes, which would be very welcome. I’ll say thanks with some fun bonuses and signed paperback giveaways, etc, every so often.

If you’d like to join the Street Team, please complete this form.

Thank you! 🙂