Please be safe and check the content warnings for these books before reading!

All my books include various degrees of swearing and explicit romance scenes. If you don’t like LGBTQIA+ characters in your stories, my books aren’t for you.

A Kiss of Iron

  • Violence and murder.
  • References to child abuse (mentions of and trauma from aggression in childhood home; flashback to emotionally abusive incident).
  • Threat of sexual assault. 
  • Killing of an animal (brief reference from childhood with little detail).
  • Fat shaming (from secondary characters).

Slaying the Shifter Prince

  • This is a revenge story featuring cruelty, violence and fantasies about violence and punishment. 
  • Sexual threat. 
  • Murder.
  • References to sexual assault. 
  • This is a villain romance with bully elements. The MMC behaves in ways we’d never expect a hero to. 
  • Brief mentions of stillbirth and death of a child.
  • Primal play. 
  • Light blood play. 

These Gentle Wolves

  • Violence and injury—on the page, detailed. 
  • Suicide—two mentions, weapon shown, little detail. 
  • Threat of gendered violence—suggestion of sexual assault.
  • Death.

Stolen Threadwitch Bride

  • Memories of childhood bullying.
  • Character who is shunned/othered for differences including her mixed ethnicity. (This is written by an author who is also of a mixed background.)
  • Anxiety.
  • Threat of violence.
  • Death of family through illness—mentioned in memories, little detail.

Beneath Black Sails Series

  • Violence in a battle context.
  • Mentions/memories of aggression in the childhood home.
  • Brief flashback to the violent killing of an animal.
  • Death of a parent.

The Thief’s Gambit

  • Violence.
  • Gendered violence—attempted sexual assault.
  • Poverty and class conflict.